Saturday, October 23, 2010


Cashing in on Hate

One of the ironies of the current US military expansion in Central Africa, is that while homosexuals fight for their constitutional rights in our armed forces, the armed forces of America's proxy army in Uganda may soon be legally authorized to murder homosexuals under Ugandan law. Another irony in the resource rich heart of the African continent, is that the charismatic pentecostal network behind lethal homophobia and other forms of Christian bigotry there was promoted in part by Rick Warren, the right-wing preacher President Obama propelled into international prominence by selecting him to preside at his inaugural.

As the Ugandan troops prepare to attack opponents of US aggression in the region, religion will no doubt play a large role, albeit not as large as the insatiable transnational corporations pulling Obama's strings in order to plunder the minerals and forests of Africa's heathen natives. Joseph Conrad couldn't have written a more bloodthirsty script.


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