Monday, January 11, 2010


Democratizing Power

In his clip, Arthur Manuel addresses how non-native supporters of the indigenous peoples’ movement can help prevent violence against indigenous activists, as well as promote the indigenous agenda in dominant society institutions. This strategy reflects what Joseph Dore remarked about us all being in this together.

For examples of how an indigenous political struggle made use of affinities and diaspora to bolster life-and-death initiatives, the political parties of Sinn Fein (Northern Ireland) and Wallmapuwen (Southern Chile) come to mind. Independent political parties aren’t the only vehicle to democratizing power, but they are apparently an essential one in today’s world. As international indigenous governing entities develop, I suspect new infrastructure for organizing will be built that will in turn accommodate, socialize and nurture researchers, analysts and activists from all communities within a multicultural milieu.

One can never have too many friends.


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