Friday, January 22, 2010


Culture Death

Three years ago, in a post titled Fatal Attraction, I wrote about imagination, intellectual development, isolation and public mental health. In the spring of that year, in a piece titled Radical Hope, I posted a commentary on globalization and the loss of faith in progress. Last summer, in Unfounded Faith, I explored how the lethal concept of progress perpetuates destructive arrogance.

About this time last year, in Worldview, I discussed competing perspectives on governance and social evolution. Then, in Lethal Ways, went on to examine the psychological warfare associated with the concept of progress, and how it has historically been challenged by those determined to vent their rage.

In Closing Society Down, I briefly observed how progressives are unable to deal with the phenomenon of what some have called culture death. And in The Slogan is Attack, I noted why progressive values have failed.


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