Saturday, December 12, 2009


Obama and Bush

As Pepe Escobar elaborates on The Real News Network, Obama is a liar. America is in Central Asia for the oil and gas companies and military contractors and nothing else. Obama may lie more fluently than his predecessor, but the lies he tells are the same.

After eight years of anger and despair, American progressives now face eight years of disillusionment and betrayal. As they withdraw from the fray, or seek solace in their Gore-Dean comfort zone, the Bamababies may not be readily ripe for another round of false hope and chump change, but their resentment will be ready to mobilize toward suitable scapegoats. Any bet that red-baiting will win out?

As Hans Magnus Enzensberger remarked in his book Civil Wars, “When the moral demands made on an individual are consistently out of proportion to his scope for action, he will eventually go on strike and deny all responsibility. Here lie the seeds of brutalization, which may escalate to raging aggression.”


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