Tuesday, January 22, 2008


About Skookum

Skookum, as noted in the subheading, is a journal of the American psyche in transition. As observers and participants in our journey to authenticity, contributors to Skookum are well aware of the obstacles and difficulties we face in this arduous task. Many are also intimately acquainted with the forces organized to prevent social inclusion and to subvert attempts to reestablish democracy in the Americas.

As such, the individuals involved in protecting this nascent process function as informal guardians of those who are regularly punished for their good deeds. Until the Americas become societies where our best and brightest are honored and nurtured, rather than marginalized and deprived, there will be a need to shield the good-hearted from the poisonous ideas and ruthless brutality of those who abuse power in our countries.

It is our intent that the ideas expressed in the discussions hosted on Skookum, and on our other sites listed in the sidebar under Access, will serve as shields for those who choose to act on their conscience to create a better world. As warriors and shield-makers, there is no greater honor than to find we've helped in that regard. If we've helped you, kindly let us know. e-mail: Jay Taber, Skookum editor, tbarj@yahoo.com

*Skookum participants are pro-democracy, anti-fraud, and peace partisan. Public Good is an archive of our consultations and interventions. Skookum Index is a collection of stuff from our associates, colleagues and friends whom we count on for guidance, advice and moral support. Included in the collection on Scribd are pdfs of some of Jay's essential essays and commentary.

(Besides serving as a contributing editor of Fourth World Journal, Jay wrote a regular column for IC Magazine. You can listen to him speak about the Fourth World and the Fourth Estate here.)


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