Saturday, August 04, 2007


Time Out

Cloaking a criminal enterprise in the guise of revolutionary rhetoric is hardly something new, but masquerading as an academic institution is a new twist that even Patty Hearst -- with all the resources at her disposal -- probably never dreamed of. Yet, with all the money inherited by Peter Gabel, the trust funder son of Hollywood film celebrity Arlene Francis, it was -- for some crazy reason -- a dream come true.

Ironically, the unraveling of his fantasyland Mecca of moral theatrics, is a direct result of his invitation to imported thugs and local hoodlums expected to enhance his defiant, anti-authoritarian image. Luckily for us, the previously-hoodwinked agents of accountability have finally seen through this ruse. Unfortunately for them, the day of reckoning is drawing nearer every day.

Perhaps like Patty, it's time for Peter to take a time out.


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