Tuesday, July 31, 2007


More Questions

The San Francisco Bay Guardian article on the New College accreditation crisis quotes some scathing remarks by the higher education oversight agency WASC, including some pointed criticisms of the school's PHLUTE program. Oddly, in checking the New College of California website, the only mention of PHLUTE is on the financial aid application for 2007-2008, where PHLUTE is listed as an undergraduate program.

In fact, the only publicly available information we could locate on this controversial program was in a recent San Francisco Weekly story about PHLUTE students being stampeded by New College's academic vice president, Dr. Linda James Myers, into harassing students from the Activism and Social Change program who were protesting against the board of trustees for bringing the accreditation scandal on the school.

The issue of goon squads mustered by the Dean of Graduate Psychology aside, just what is this PHLUTE program anyway?


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