Monday, July 30, 2007


Black on Black

One of the more unsavory aspects of New College of California's many programs serving the underprivileged in the Bay Area, is the conscious predation on poor blacks by educated blacks. While most people are accustomed to thinking of black-on-black violence as something that only happens in the street, the reality is that it also happens in the classroom.

At New College of California, the most glaring examples of this type of abuse take place in the East Bay BA Completion program, the Graduate Psychology program, and the School of Law--where false hopes and true colors are now being horribly revealed.

While exploitation of desperate minorities by manipulators of social service funds and self-help programs is nothing new, it is somehow particularly distasteful when practiced by upper class blacks against those still struggling to get ahead. When it involves impoverishing them in order to finance a school built on defrauding the department of education, it is time for the U.S. Attorney to get involved.


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