Sunday, April 15, 2007


Words to Live By

A little-known fact about Sinn Fein's struggle for equality and unity in Ireland, is the active support they've received from Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress. During the 1998 negotiation of the Good Friday Agreement, now on the verge of a power-sharing executive in Belfast, the ANC sent a senior delegation to lend its assistance by sharing stories of their own struggle against apartheid, then only recently ended.

At the Sinn Fein congress, ANC deputy secretary general Thenjiwe Mtintso said, "Sometimes people talk about the miracle in South Africa. The problem with that is that they reduce our struggle to the supernatural. There was no miracle in South Africa. There was the blood and tears of South Africans. ...What is crucial is not to lose sight of the strategic objectives in whatever it is you are doing in negotiations. We had to weigh everything against the strategic objectives of complete transformation in our country."

Good words to live by in America today.


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