Saturday, October 29, 2005


Racism as Philosophy

"Understanding and critically examining the public discourse, which includes identifying ideologies and groups whose missions include the reduction and destruction of American Indian peoples, is crucial for tribal leadership in this age of communication. ... Hence, we were delighted to participate in an intense and innovative training seminar for American Indian youth this summer. ...

The seminar's central themes included drawing awareness to a seemingly rising tide of anti-Indian rhetoric at the national level and encouraging the development of pragmatic communications skills tribal leadership needs to effectively respond... [to] attacks on Indian peoples that were found within mainstream newspapers and in columns distributed by organizations such as the Ayn Rand Institute...

Since the seminar, of course, the public discourse dealing with American Indian peoples and our issues continues unabated. The wordsmith warriors of ARI, as but one example, continue to slice away with abandon against the very notion of Indian peoples, cultures and nations... insulting against Indians and Native peoples as legitimate communities of human beings. "

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