Monday, October 17, 2016


From Here to Eternity

One impact of the vast transfer of wealth from the U.S. Treasury to Wall Street in 2008-2009 is the disabling of American society to recreate community. With the massive infusion of public monies into the private equity sector--greater than that expended on the New Deal and World War II combined--our capacity to reinvent ourselves in the face of new global challenges has been devastated.

Cultural creatives that previously comprised a critical mass in our cities are now displaced, leaving us without the interdisciplinary, regenerative force of counter-power ideas in our communities. That social vacuum has been filled with the political theatre of venture capital philanthropy, which produces such Wall Street-funded starlets as Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein, the iconic 'revolutionaries' of the toy Che brigades in a world of make believe.

Given the resources now available for controlling consciousness from here to eternity, breaking the cycle of repetitive mass hypnosis is an almost insurmountable task.


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