Friday, August 15, 2014


Brand Obama Brand Klein

It's amazing how stating the obvious can make one famous.'s Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben aren't saying anything we don't already know; they just have a big budget to get their voices in the news.

I notice on Climate Connections that, in responding to Anne Peterman's article, apologists make the unchallenged claim that McKibben single-handedly created the climate change movement. A more accurate analysis, one yet to appear anywhere other than at Wrong Kind of Green, Intercontinental Cry and Public Good Project, is that McKibben and Klein -- wielding a Wall Street-amplified Wurlitzer -- hijacked the climate change movement, in order to steer it away from making clear and effective demands. 

This difference in explaining the role of McKibben/Klein -- as agents of Wall Street, hired to subvert the movement -- signals a solidarity of compromised NGOs, that while willing to debate policy within Wall Street-framed parameters, is determined not to violate the taboo against discussing co-option of NGOs by Wall Street-funded foundations.

There is already an awareness that there is a difference between mega-NGOs and grassroots groups; what is needed is to note that this difference is largely a product of marketing, funded by Wall Street. This is why I repeatedly use the term Netwar, so the naive can begin to see how they have been manipulated.

The fraud of brand Obama (Hope and Change) is now common knowledge; what we need to do is point out that brand Klein is the result of the same mass-marketing apparatus. Cory Morningstar did this in her expose, which is why I often link to her work in my commentary.


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