Friday, August 17, 2012


Security Feminism

Security feminism is not a familiar phrase, but using feminism as justification for foreign aggression has been an important element of the psychological warfare waged by the State Department against peace activism. No matter the neoliberal agenda is to globalize poverty on behalf of Wall Street; if peace is an impediment to profits, then showcasing liberated third world women -- free to dress and talk like Hillary Clinton, while their countries are wasted by pollution, poverty and war -- is a tool Madison Avenue will exploit.

Like the green weenies who support militarized ethnic cleansing of the world's forests in order to preserve REDD credits for the carbon cartel, the feminists who support NATO and the Pentagon are consuming a fantasy that only domesticated activists could fall for. In the world of power politics, the compliant are rewarded, while the independent are attacked.

Pretending the utter destruction of a society will lead to freedom and prosperity for anyone, let alone third world women, is not only presposterous--it defies historical awareness of the countless betrayals by the US Government in pursuit of power at any cost. But of course, pro-war feminists don't have to live in the world of their making; they can still reside in the separate reality of propaganda as advertising.


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